The Colt Defender

Colt Defender 45 Pistol

The Colt Defender is a top-rated, top-of-the-line pistol developed for more advanced gun owners. Beyond having a powerful interior, the Colt Defender’s exterior was created beautifully to ensure that the customers would thoroughly enjoy everything from the stainless steel finish of the barrel to the rubber grip.

Lightweight and easy-to-carry, the Colt Defender is one of the most concealable guns in its series. The aesthetic of this gun’s body makes it a popular choice amongst customers because unlike other concealable weapons, the Colt Defender is crafted of aluminum alloy. The slider, on the other hand, was designed of carefully constructed stainless steel. In order to mesh these two materials together, the aluminum alloy is finished with a stainless steel material.

Weighing in at 22.5 oz., the Colt Defender is great for owners looking for protection on the go. Many owners of this weapon carry it around in their pockets, purses and cars with little complaints. This gun is not necessarily the best for beginners, and should only be carried by individuals with experience with guns. This gun is constructed on a three-dot sight system, which makes it difficult to use unless you have a vast experience and training with guns.

For gun owners looking for a tad bit more variety than the .45 single actions, automatic colt pistol – the Colt Defender does also come in a 9mm version. Like its counterpart, the Colt Defender 9mm pistol is constructed of aluminum alloy and finished with a stainless steel finish. The 9mm version also has a magazine size of 8 rounds, one more than its counterpart.

Owners of the Colt Defender 45ACP and 9mm have had little complaints about their weapons. In fact, many owners believe that this weapon is constructed beautifully, inside and out. Many law enforcement and military carry this weapon during their off duty hours. This gun receives an average rating of 5/5 and is one of our most popular selling items at CenterfireGuns, showing its popularity amongst our customers.

For gun collectors and fanatics, the Colt Defender is one of the top-rated guns in its class. Use it for practicing on the range, carrying for personal protection, and sitting it in a glass display with your other guns. Ready to use and aesthetically pleasing, purchasing this weapon will create a special place in your gun case.

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