Sig Sauer P220 10mm

sig sauer p220 10mm

Sig Sauer p220 10mm

Well it looks like Sig Sauer is finally going to take the plunge into the world of 10mm.  Recently announced on was the news that many Sig fans and all 10mm fans have been waiting for.  Sometime late in  2015 or perhaps early in 2016, Sig Sauer will be releasing three versions of their already wildly popular P220 but in a 10mm offering.   Initial reports have the three offerings as follows:

  • P220 Stainless Elite 10mm, standard length slide and barrel, traditional DA/SA trigger
  • P220 Match Elite 10mm, stainless, long slide, 5″ barrel, traditional DA/SA trigger
  • P220 SAO 10mm, stainless, long slide, 5″ barrel, single action only trigger


With limited manufacturer offerings in 10mm today (Glock, CZ, Colt, EAA, and Para), the addition of the Sig Sauer p220 10mm should hopefully cement the 10mm as “here to stay” caliber.   This hard hitting multifunctional round had gained a substantial “cult” following around the world but seeing it become more mainstream would not only help with the availability of the round but it might also bring down that high price which can be a turn off for a lot of shooters.

Will Sig expand the 10mm to other popular models like the P227 and the P320?   With all the  pleas on the forums to do so I’m sure Sig Sauer is listening but only time will tell…


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