Charter Arms Undercover

Charter Arms Undercover

Expanding a gun collection takes effort and time. With the vast amount of guns on the market, some revolvers are higher quality and more efficient than others. Keeping this mind, Charter Arms crafted some of the most beautiful American-made devices. Within their “Undercover” series, the Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Revolver in Black and Stainless Steel Finish is of the most popular and most effective revolvers around.

Charter Arms put itself on the map when they crafted the Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Revolver. Aesthetically, the Undercover .38 Special is a beautiful creation of pure stainless steel giving owners a full feeling in their hands when they shoot it. Finished with dark grey and stainless steel, this has become one of the most classic looking guns within the undercover series.

Unique to its nature, the .38 Special is one of the most effective firearms for any gun owner. The barrel of the gun is threaded into the frame, giving the shooter a more power shot with less recoil. Adding to the power as well as the accuracy of the gun, the barrel is constructed of an eight groove button that reduces bullet deformation and gives it a cleaner shot. The less deformed a bullet is, the more powerful and accurate the shot becomes for the shooter.

Weighing in at an even 16 oz., this lightweight gun is great for shooters looking for a backup weapon or a small, compact defensive firearm. This gun is crafted for the use by both beginner and advance shooters, as many of the modifications were created to enhance the shooter’s experience.

Such modifications include fewer internal parts than other revolvers, limiting jamming and other errors. The .38 Special was also developed without a cylinder stop, giving shooters a more pleasurable experience and less hassle with the reloading of the gun. As a last modification, the trigger was redesigned to avoid pinching on the shooter’s finger.

While customer complaints on this weapon are minimal, one feature of the gun that owners did not like was the 5-round capacity. Shooters wanted more shooting capability from each round, and with just five shots it slowed down the shooting capabilities significantly. Otherwise, this gun seemed very solid to gun owners and many shooters would recommend this gun to another person.

Shooters looking for an enhanced shooting experience with a revolver, investing in the Charter Arms Undercover Revolver .38 Special with dark grey and stainless steel finish will be a worthwhile experience. Lightweight and compact, owners can easily carry this gun around in a concealable manner. This gun is also perfect for women looking for a defensive weapon that won’t be difficult to handle.

Bottom line – the Charter Arms Undercover Revolver .38 Special is one of the most convenient revolvers on the market today. Gun owners and shooters looking for a reliable defensive weapon, this .38 revolver will be an ideal selection.

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