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The Magpul PMAG Magazine

Magpul PMAG 30 RoundYour AR-15 is only as good as its components. That is why it is imperative to have a reliable magazine to support your AR-15. Magpul, the manufacturer of top quality magazines since 1999, released its Magpul PMAG (Polymer MAGazine) Magazine for the AR-15 in 2007.

The standard Magpul PMAG is a one-piece device with polymer body and textured gripping surface to avoid slippage. Aside from durability and good grip, a magazine should be easily fed. To accomplish this, the Magpul PMAG has a constant-curve internal geometry to make feeding smoother. It does not dent, so the shape holds. “Drops in, slides out smooth and quiet,” reveals one user.

The impact cover protects the feed lips from damage when dropped even on high impact or when stacked under other heavy ammunition for long periods of time. It is not called impact and crush resistant for nothing. It also has clips on top to prevent dust and dirt to get inside when stored.

Millions of these Magpul PMAG‘s have been serviced to commercial users, law enforcement professionals, and the military, with more and more users becoming staunch endorsers. Magpul PMAG has earned the reputation of being the standard for magazine reliability and durability. One of our customers enthuses: “I don’t think there is a more durable or reliable mag on the market. These stand up to a lot of abuse and keep on feeding.”

The PMAG is built to be easy to disassemble. It has a flared floor plate so it can be easily extracted from pouches and it uses a stainless steel spring meant to resist corrosion. Its self-lubricating follower further ensures reliability. It has no spot welds or joints to impair the follower. The follower is anti-tilt, which “stabilizes the stack to help prevent nose-diving and bolt-over-head failures.”

According to feedback from users from the military, the PMAG “resists damage better than aluminum magazines, and even HK magazines, specifically in urban operations”.

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