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Bond Arms Derringer

Bond Arms DerringerEver wanted a Cadillac just for the feel of it? Many people would enthusiastically say “yes!”.

Such is the answer for gun collectors and enthusiasts when asked if they ever wanted a Bond Arms Derringer.  It’s perfectly understandable, really. Bond Arms is touted to be the “Cadillac” of derringers. Bond Arms boldly declares that they make the world’s best derringers. It’s a bold statement, but most gun enthusiasts who have handled and fired one would agree.

Bond Arms Derringers are not just beautiful. They are strong and powerful, as well.  Historically, derringers are single-shot muzzle-loading pistols named after Henry Derringer, a pistol maker during the 19th century.  The form has been modernized but it is still called the derringer. For years, a derringer is just described as small, unreliable, and, well, not really pretty. But Bond Arms came into the picture and turned its reputation around.

Owners need not fret about safety, as well, as the Bond Arms Derringer hammer is blocked from forward movement.  In this way, the weapon will not accidentally fire when dropped on its hammer. Additionally, a Bond Arms Derringer has a safety that blocks the hammer from contacting with the firing pins.

Bond Arms Derringer Features

With seven and one-quarter pounds of pressure, the trigger pull releases cleanly.  It is a good pull, not too heavy, not too light.

A Bond Arms Derringer can maintain a tolerance of .001 of an inch, allowing for the perfect interchange of barrels without custom fitting. Changing barrels is fast and easy. Just swing open the barrels and remove the hinge screw with an Allen wrench. Then insert the other set of barrels and replace the hinge screw. It takes less than a minute.

Extractors are already incorporated into the barrels, so no need to change that part. The extractors are spring-loaded so the rimmed cartridges are extracted automatically, being slightly lifted as the barrel are opened.

The 45 Colt/410 versions are the most sought after Bond Arms Derringer.  This caliber combination is very versatile, and has an over-under double barrel configuration and modular design. The 45 Colt ammunition recoil varies from mild to heavy.  It actually depends upon the load chosen.

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