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Bushmaster Patrolman

Bushmaster Patrolman

Many boys have had dreams of being a police officer because, no doubt, a man in uniform with a gun always seems cooler.

Discover the Bushmaster Patrolman. Owning one could help you relive your childhood dreams. This rifle is used extensively by law enforcement professionals all over the country. In fact, Texas law enforcement recently received 3,200 Bushmaster Patrolman rifles for their officers.

Headquartered in Windham, Maine, Bushmaster manufactures semi-automatic pistols and rifle variants of the AR-15 design. They are touted to be the leading supplier of AR-15 rifles in the country for public, private, security and safety applications.

Their known leadership in law enforcement circles is attributed to this rifles durability. Most of their rifles have barrels made of 4150 steel and are chrome-lined, in a 1:9 twist ratio. Additionally, this class of firearm is coated with a military specified manganese phosphate, which makes it non-corrosive and rust-proof especially critical steel parts.

The Bushmaster Patrolman is available in a semi-auto version for the civilian market. A full auto or three-round burst version is available for law enforcement and the military. The semi-auto models have longer barrel lengths for legal compliance for civilian sales. The additional barrel length is actually an “Izzy” flash suppressor that is permanently fixed. A “Bird Cage” flash suppressor can also be attached to the barrel, which can bring up its total length to 17.5” The telescoping butt stock is easy to carry and handle.

The Bushmaster Patrolman‘s popularity with law enforcement agencies is not a surprise. Most who have used their rifles claim that these weapons have “never failed,” particularly the M4 variety. One officer was confident knowing that despite feeding his M4 with nearly every brand imaginable of FMJ’s, hollow points, and soft points, it never faltered. True enough, this class reportedly accepts all AR15/M16 type STANAG magazines, as discussed in various forums among gun owners.

The gun’s trigger is considered “good enough for all practical shooting applications.” It also features a six-position telestock, unlike current M4 Carbine models. This makes this class of firearms not only for law enforcement, but for home defense and 3-gun match shooting.

Design improvements include bolt catch assembly, cartridge case deflector and raised ribs. The raised ribs are an additional protection so the magazine would not be accidentally released.  M4A3 class has a removable carry handle. This allows access to a Picatinny rail so the user can also mount accessories.

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