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Smith & Wesson Governor

Smith & Wesson Governor

Smith & Wesson pistols and revolvers are well-known throughout the shooting industry. Their widespread popularity, effectiveness and variety have made them a sensation and a go-to for many gun collectors. Without a doubt the new Smith & Wesson Governor 410/45 Long Colt/45ACP Revolver in Matte Black Finish lives up to the expectations that most Smith & Wesson weapons are held to.

Aesthetically, the Smith & Wesson Governor was crafted with the shooter in mind. The frame is 5.5″ in height and 1.75″ in width, with a total length of 8.5″. This small weapon is great for personal and home protection since it allows shooters to easily conceal it, surprising any attacker. Though, unlike other small guns, the Smith & Wesson Governor is a bit heavier than other guns of its caliber, weighing in at 29.6 oz., it is not unbearably heavy and shooters never forget they have the weapon on them.

Crafted with a scandium alloy frame, Smith & Wesson gives the shooter a firm hand weapon. To make it more appealing for gun collectors, the Governor was finished with a matte black finish, making it one of the more beautiful Smith & Wesson’s of its time. It is equipped with a rubberized gripping handle.

What makes the Smith & Wesson Governor unique is the single and double action caliber it offers. It allows shooters to load the 2.75″ barrel with .410 2 ½” shells in either .45 ACP or .45 Colt. This variety is not offered often in weapons, so the ammunition selection for shooters is wider and more convenient.

As shooters and buyers have enjoyed their Smith & Wesson Governor, a few customer complaints have surfaced. The most common dispute that many shooters have had with this weapon is in regards to the ammunition. While firing, shooters experienced a troublesome time firing the weapon without moon clips. A buyer even explained the experience as if he were “going to break it [the weapon] or my fingers.” However, he explained that purchasing a moon clip and tool “made this a walk in the park no problem task now.” For shooters experiencing issues with their Smith & Wesson Governor, purchasing a moon clip and tool for approximately $15 to $25 is advisable to make the experience more pleasurable.

The Smith & Wesson Governor is still a fan favorite despite the minor complications with loading. The 6 round revolver not only met the expectations of shooters, but it well exceeded them. Shooters have recommended this weapon to others, saying it is “easy to conceal” and “a powerful weapon for personal protection.”

This weapon is a beautiful, yet powerful gun for owners looking for something new to shoot. The Governor lives up to the expectations of the Smith & Wesson brand name.

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