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The Ruger SR9 Pistol

Ruger SR9

Ruger released the Ruger SR9 pistol in October 2007 as the first striker fired polymer framed pistol, which is really a clone of the Kimber KDP. The Ruger SR9 pistol itself is made in the USA but the magazines are from Mec-Gar in Brescia, Italy.

But Ruger later recalled the original Ruger SR9 in April 2008 when “under certain conditions, it can fire if dropped with the manual safety off and a round in the chamber.” Ruger immediately completely changed the assembly process of their guns trigger, which is now a copy of the Glock.

Ruger also promised to also fix/change any gun parts for the gun’s lifetime and as one gun sports enthusiast noted, “All this past ambivalence has changed, in a big way, with the current production Ruger SR9

If before the Ruger triggers are just described as adequate (at best) to inadequate, this 9mm has a Ruger style of the Glock “Safe Action” trigger. “The Ruger SR9 is striker fired with the same trigger pull weight every shot.“ As one gun enthusiast reports, his Lyman digital trigger gauge shows that the SR9 breaks right at five pounds, “the same pull weight as a standard Glock trigger is supposed to be.”

The 2011 version of the Ruger SR9 is “simply outstanding,” as described by one gun collector.

The Ruger SR9 numerous modern safety features includes:

  • 1911-style ambidextrous manual safety,
  • internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker,
  • trigger safety,
  • magazine disconnect, plus
  • a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.

The Ruger SR9 also comes in compact form, the SR9C. The SR9C compact pistol’s grip is as wide as the full-sized SR9 at 1.27”. It comes with two 10-round magazines. It has a high-visibility 3-Dot sight. The front portion of the pistol’s side is serrated so it is easier to manipulate the slide and press check the chamber.

Protection need not be all about function. Aesthetics play a part, as well.

One gun owner exclaimed that the Ruger SR9 is good-looking. The glass-filled frame is made of polymer. The frame has a M1913 rail built in front for mounting a tactical light or laser sight. The slide is made up of stainless steel. It also has a reversible rubber back strap.

“The SR9 is a dream to shoot and easier on the eyes than some of the tacti-cool offerings out there.” another gun owner described.

All those who have fired thousands of rounds from the Ruger SR9 report that it performs well for a double stack pistol. It is “built like a tan,” with extremely solid construction. The price, and the adjustable sights are something to be enthusiastic about. “Superb value,” as most gun owners pointed out.

Accessories for the SR9C are widely available, including Crimson Trace laser grips, which are actually the LG-449 Laserguard.

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Ruger SR22 Pistol

Ruger SR22 Pistol

The Ruger SR22 is a pistol built for the demand of a reliable .22 LR magazine fed pistol. Weighing in at 17.5 oz. (unloaded), the Ruger SR22 is a lightweight pistol crafted with an aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame that gives the gun a solid hold. To add to a beautiful aesthetic, Ruger finished the SR22 with black anodized aluminum.

For easy cocking, the SR22 has an external hammer with a rounded spur that makes it a great accessory for shooters looking for single-action shooting. Two interchangeable rubberized grips make the SR22 a more compatible handgun for different grip sizes. The stock rubberized grip is a slim palm swell, making it perfect for people with smaller hands. For shooters with larger hands, the thicker palm swell rubberized grip will be a better option.

The Ruger SR22 is Versatile

The Ruger SR22 was crafted for versatility and convenience, making it a fan favorite. Shooters have complimented the pistol’s ambidextrous features, including a manual thumb safety and decocking lever. Moreover, it also has a magazine release and loaded chamber indicator, adding ease for ambidextrous shooters. Unlike many other .22 pistols, the Ruger SR22 is extremely versatile and ready for anyone to use.

Beyond the aesthetics and features of the gun, shooters were ecstatic about this pistol’s capabilities. The firm, lightweight firearm is notoriously effective, allowing many shooters to be unaffected by any errors. One customer noted that, “I’ve put through 700 rounds of cheap Winchester ammo and still not one FTE or stovepipe.” Another noted that the “SR22 eats up any ammo,” making it an effective firearm for any occasion.

The average customer rating of the Ruger SR22 is five stars – making it an effective and popular pistol amongst shooters. Aesthetically appealing, versatile, convenient and effective, the Ruger SR22 is an ideal gun for any gun owner looking for a firearm that is reliable.

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