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Winchester Super X3

Winchester Super X3

Winchester Repeating Arms deviates from the “for burly men only” stereotype with its latest Winchester Super X3 models, as they are aware that not all shooters are built equal. The Super X3 continues the Winchester line of reliable, good looking top performing shotguns.

According to Winchester, the Winchester Super X3 self-adjusting Active Valve ensures speed, recoil reduction, and durability in all conditions. Additionally, a Pachmayr recoil pad is fitted for more comfortable shooting. Winchester threw out a challenge to all shooters to “shoulder a Winchester Super X3 to feel the future of Winchester Firearms for yourself”.

The stock, grip and forearm dimensions are slimmer. The slim dimensions contribute to the gun’s light, controlled feel. For smaller-framed shooters, women and youth, there is the Winchester Super X3 Compact in 12 or 20 gauge.

Winchester Super X3 Features

The Super X3 Compact features include a lightweight aluminum alloy receiver; ultra light magazine tube and spring; shortened length of pull walnut stock; Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad; and a lighter weight narrow profile barrel.

Described as “easy to breakdown and clean,” it weighs in at 6 ¾ pounds. Its light weight is a combination of a light magazine tube and recoil spring system, a slim barrel with machined rib, and an alloy receiver.

Winchester proclaims not just the Super X3’s light weight and reduced recoil. The .742″ Back-Bored Technology provides the ideal combination of shot uniformity and velocity.

Winchester got world record holding Xtreme Sport Shooter Patrick Flanigan to use the Super X3. In that challenge, he fired 12 shells in just 1.442 seconds, with only a few hours of getting familiar with the shotgun. The Super X3 used for that challenged was not modified, aside from an extended magazine to allow 12 shots.

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