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Charter Arms MAGAZINE PUG 41MAG 2.5IN SS

Model # 74120
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Full Description
• Standard hammer
• Matte Stainless finish
• Extra Large stainless steel frame
• 5-shot cylinder
• Ported barrel
• Fixed sights
• Full black rubber grip finger grooved

• Lightweight compact
• American made
• 1-pc barrel/lug/sight
• 8-groove button rifled barrel
• Protected ejector rod
• 3-point cylinder lock-up
• Ergonomic trigger does not pinch finger
• Barrel is threaded into frame
• Full hammer block safety system
• Quick lock time
• No side plate
• No cylinder stop to interfere with reloading or speed loaders
Type Revolver
Action Single/Double
Caliber 41 Remington Magnum
Barrel Length 2.5"
Capacity 5
Hammer Style Exposed
Grips Black Rubber
Sights Fixed
Weight 23 oz
Frame Stainless Steel
Frame Size Extra Large
Cylinder Finish Stainless
Barrel Finish Stainless
Left Hand Model No
Youth Model No
UPC 678958741209
Customer Reviews (1)
Powerful Revolver Carry Option
This is a new offering from Charter Arms, who exclusively manufacture revolvers. Heretofore, their most powerful handguns were the .357 magnum, with the venerable Bulldog .44 Special, and .45 acp Pit Bull close behind.

The .41 magnum is a powerful round (more so than the 10mm). In fact it is comparable to the .44 magnum (actual caliber .429). For instance, Winchester, Buffalo Bore, and Underwood all make JHP defense ammunition in the 210-230 grain arena that have velocities in the 1,500-1,600 feet per second category, and 1,200 pounds of energy. Out of this 2.5" barrel, figure about 1,200-1,300 feet per second stats.

The unloaded .41 weighs in at 24 ounces. Certainly not heavy (my other three .41's from S&W and Ruger are all in the 42-46 ounce area) as .41 revolvers go, but heavy for Charter Arms. Loaded, the Mag Pug weighs 28 ounces. That is still relatively light for such a powerful round. The recoil is stiff. But it hits where you aim it, and is a top option for those not wishing to carry a .357 magnum, or .44 magnum as an EDC weapon.

The finish is matte stainless steel. Personally, I'd like to see Charter Arms with a high polished stainless version of this revolver. The factory grip is rather large. I changed it out for a rosewood laminated checkered grip from Altamont Grips.

The sights are basic. Trench rear sight and black blade front sight. This is an "in close" defensive revolver. In that capacity, it excels. However, this is not a handgun for a beginner. This 5 round revolver will buck like a bronco with stout loads (note no ammunition manufacturer to my knowledge makes .41 Special ammo). However, whatever you hit is going to know it and go down hard.

Charter Arms is also about to introduce a .45 Long Colt revolver. That will also be an excellent carry alternative that is powerful without the recoil of the .41 magnum.

For revolver fans, between the Charter Arms .41 magnum, .44 Special Bulldog, and .45 Long Colt handguns, you have three relatively light, powerful options for everyday concealed carry.
Review by John (Posted on 5/13/2018)
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