H&R 1871 SB2-280 HAN-R 280 SB 26

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H&R Handi-Rifle Synthetic Break Open 280 Remington 26" 1 Hardwood Stk Blue.

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Action: Break Open
Caliber: 280 Remington
Barrel Length: 26"
Capacity: 1
Trigger: Standard
Safety: Transfer Bar
Length: 42"
Weight: 7 lbs
Stock: Hardwood
Finish: Blued

H&R 1871 72530 Rifles

H&R's Handi-Rifle series brings together premium components, extremely tight production tolerances and an inherently smooth, accurate rifle platform to give masterful command of every round. With an impeccable blend of simplicity, reliability and accuracy, these centerfire rifles make that one shot count. This series features American hardwood pistol grip stocks with a beautifully classic walnut finish, a ventilated recoil pad and sling swivel studs. A wide range of rifle calibers get everyone in the game, and varmint, small-game and big-game hunters alike will appreciate the added versatility that allows these rifles to be factory-fitted with an array of accessory rifle and shotgun barrels.