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LaserLyte TLKTTK Targets Zoom

Model #: TLKTTK

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LaserLyte Trainer Triple Tyme Kit 1 Kit
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    LaserLyte, proudly introduce the seriously fun laser Triple Tyme Kit consisting of the LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Targets (3), a Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol and a LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer. Everything anyone needs to train, teach or just have fun anywhere, anytime. The Trigger Tyme pistol cannot accept or fire ammunition, making it a safe training tool for all ages and skill sets. The compact size of the pistol is ideal for training young shooters and individuals with small hands. The Reaction Tyme Targets work independently of each other allowing for a variety of shooting scenarios. The interactive target system works in two modes; reaction and training. The reaction mode features random LED signals in intervals of 3 to 7 seconds that can be shot by the Trigger Tyme compact pistol or any other LaserLyte Trainer. The training mode allows the user to practice trigger control and accuracy with an always on and ready to be shot mode. When a hit is made the target sounds 2 beeps and a LED flash. The LT PRO is easily inserted into the muzzle end of the Trigger Tyme pistol for hours of training and fun. It can also be used in a real firearm for realistic training with the user's actual carry firearm. LaserLyte continues to get sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits with affordable and fun laser training tools.
    SizeCompact Handgun
    Quantity1 Kit
    IncludesSimulated pistol/Laser/3Targets
    Auto ResettingYes
    Target ColorRed
    PurposeTarget Practice
    Product ModelTrainer

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