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Lee Precision COLLET DIE SET 300 WSM

Lee Precision 90185 Reloading Dies Zoom

Model #: 90185

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Lee Collet Rifle Die Set w/ Shellholder 300 Winchester Short Magnum
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    Collet squeezes case neck against precision mandrel for perfect bullet fit w/minimum run-out. Case lube is not needed. Maximum accuracy achieved by seating bullet out far enough to touch or almost touch rifling. Provides shot start pressure normally supplied by the crimp. Sizes only neck. Includes: collet neck sizing die dead length bullet seating die shell holder power measure charge table & storage box. NOTE: reload only cases fired in your gun. Not recommended for autoloaders slide or lever action.
    TypeCollet Rifle Die Set w/Shellholder
    Caliber300 Winchester Short Magnum
    Product ModelCollet

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